Commercial Lending Corporation Gives You Access to the Largest Pool of Lenders

Gaining access to the largest pool of lenders, hedge funds, CMBS, insurance companies, portfolios, REITS, specialty funds, construction, bridge, mezzanine and equity partners in the country is possible whenever you use Commercial Lending Corporation. CLC offers lending solutions for a variety of business customers, both within Colorado, and nationwide. Customers they have helped obtain and secure financing for a variety of projects include apartment complexes, shopping centers, churches, schools, day care centers, restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations, grocery stores, car washes, casinos, hotels, mobile home parks and assisted living centers. Loan programs and options available include new construction projects, purchasing existing buildings, refinancing current loans, and rehabilitation projects.

Use Commercial Lending Corporation to Make Your Dream about Owning a Business a Reality

Many people have the dream about someday being able to own their own business, be their own boss, and set their own hours. When you are serious about going into business, you will need to make sure to have plenty of capital available to launch your business. Capital not only includes buildings and inventory, but also cash flows to pay for related business expenses. Whether you are looking at starting a new business from the ground up, or are purchasing an existing operation, you are able to find the help you require through Commercial Lending Corporation. CLC is able to help you secure the right loan program to have access to the finances required to make owning a business and being your own boss a reality.



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