Using Solutions from allows you to Protect Your Deposit Relationships

You will find a comprehensive range of commercial real estate programs and loans available through This lender has solutions, not only for businesses and organizations of all sizes, but also for banks and other financial lending institutions. For example, banks often rely upon their deposit relationships with their business customers. These relationships provide a steady flow of cash coming into the bank, which in turn is used to underwrite loans. It is from the interest on these loans that banks are able to earn a profit. So, in essence, the bank’s business customers are the ones helping the bank earn its profits. Damaging these relationships has a direct effect on the bank’s ability to continue to offer services for their customers.

When a business customer applies for a commercial loan, it is not in the bank’s best interest to deny the loan. In situations where the bank is unable to underwrite the loan, for one reason or another, there are still other options available for your business customers. Denying a loan application can cause your business customers to move their deposit accounts to another bank, which reduces your available cash flows. Instead, you could present your customer’s commercial real estate application to on their behalf. By outsourcing your customer’s loan needs to Commercial Lending Corporation, you avoid having to tell your customer you are unable to approve their loan. Rather, you are able to inform them that you have found them a suitable solution for their business loan needs and protect your existing deposit relationship.



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