www.sbaclc.com has Programs to Help Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations are able to obtain help with commercial real estate purchases with loan programs offered through www.sbaclc.com. Commercial Lending Corporation has helped churches, schools, charities and other such organizations purchase properties in order for them to provide their services and support in their local communities. For example, CLC recently helped a church go from leasing two different locations, to being able to purchase a 10,000 square foot facility, well below market value. As a result of CLC’s assistance, the church has been able to experience a significant savings, compared to what they were spending previously to maintain leases on two different, smaller locations. Additionally, the ministry was able to experience a savings of over forty percent on their building costs.

Stop Leasing and Obtain a Loan to Purchase Your Business with Help from http://www.sbaclc.com

Other commercial loan programs available through http://www.sbaclc.com can help business owners go from leasing their locations and businesses, to owning them. For instance, Commercial Lending Corporation was able to help an owner of a gas station and convenience store stop paying for a monthly lease on their building and business. They helped the owner secure the financing needed in order to purchase the property, building and business from the previous owner. CLC was able to secure a loan which was seventy-five percent of the loan-to-value ratio, and which also included additional working capital for the new owner in the loan amount. This new commercial real estate loan resulted in lower monthly payments than the owner was previously spending on their lease.



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