www.sbaclc.com Offers Help Even When a Business Has Been Denied a Commercial Loan

In situations where you are finding it difficult to secure the commercial real estate financing you require, you should apply through www.sbaclc.com. Commercial Lending Corporation has a wide network of lenders and programs available to help with just about any situation. For example, recently CLC was able to help an owner of a small strip mall retail center obtain refinancing on their property, in order to take care of past due tax obligations, not only for this retail center, but also for other properties they owned. The owner had applied through other lenders, only to be denied, because these other lenders did not want to underwrite a loan due to the past due tax obligations. However, because of CLC’s extensive network, CLC was able to help the owner get the financing they needed with a private lender.

Get a Lower and Fixed Interest Rate with Help from http://www.sbaclc.com

There can be times when you already have an existing commercial real estate loan, but might be paying interest rates above the current market rates. You are able to explore your available commercial real estate refinancing options by applying through http://www.sbaclc.com. Commercial Lending Corporation has been helping businesses of all sizes and types refinance existing loans, in order to lock in a lower fixed interest rate, for numerous years. For instance, one recent successfully-closed loan was for a 20 unit apartment complex where the owner originally purchased the property in 1984. The owner was looking for a long term fixed rate commercial loan to replace their existing bank loan which had an above market rate. CLC was able to help this owner complete the financing for $1.5 million on a 20 year non-recourse fixed rate loan.



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