Commercial Lending Corporation Has Programs for Businesses of All Sizes

There is a wide assortment of commercial lending programs featured through Commercial Lending Corporation, to help businesses of all sizes. Whether you own a small retail operation, or require funding to build a new corporate headquarters, you are able to find a commercial real estate program to fit with your project’s needs and requirements. CLC has access to one of the largest pool of lenders and financial programs available in the country. They are able to help businesses obtain some of the lowest rates currently available, while offering some of the highest loan closing ratios, when compared to a single lender like your bank.

Avoid Excessive Credit Inquiries by Applying with Commercial Lending Corporation

Any time you are applying for a commercial real estate loan, it is worth your time to consider all offers you might receive. However, the thing to remember is that the more places you apply to, the more it can affect your business’s credit score. Just like your personal score, the more inquiries into your credit history will cause your credit score to decline. This is because other lenders pulling your report do not know, initially, if you received a loan or credit from the other lenders who had previously pulled your report. One way to prevent excessive credit inquiries is to work directly with Commercial Lending Corporation. Rather than having to obtain multiple credit reports, they are able to use a single report and submit your loan application to all of the available lenders and financial institutions in their network that fit with your requested loan type.



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