Find the Best Commercial Lending Solutions for Your Business through

Finding the best solutions for your commercial lending needs is important. There are differences between available loan programs provided through Programs could feature low interest rates, low monthly payments, or offer the ability to secure financing where your business has a high debt-to-income ratio. You can also find specific programs for special purposes, such as refinancing an existing commercial loan, rehabilitation loans, expansion loans and new construction loans.

Making sure all of your possibilities and options are fully considered is important in order to avoid spending valuable time applying at one lender after another. Each time you submit a new loan application, the lender pulls a credit report and verifies your credit score. Even when they deny your loan request, this inquiry remains on your credit report for a specified period of time. Applying for a commercial loan from multiple lenders can quickly result in numerous inquiries and has a direct impact on your business’s credit score. The high number of recent inquiries in a short period of time will cause your business’s credit score to lower. Restoring your credit score is possible, but it takes time for the inquiries to drop off of your report. Rather than risk a large number of credit inquiries, it is better to apply for your commercial loan directly through Commercial Lending Corporation has a vast network of financial partners and lenders, and will present your single loan application to each and every one of them that offer a loan product meeting your needs and requirements.



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