Obtain Financing for Your Church from Commercial Lending Corporation

Commercial Lending Corporation has access to many different types of commercial real estate loans. These loans can be secured by proprietorships, partnerships, corporations and non-profit business operations. For example, CLC has helped churches secure the funding needed to expand their facilities. They have found solutions ranging from providing assistance to purchase larger facilities, to building a brand new church. Church loan programs are also available for refinancing existing loans and rehabilitation projects. Eligible properties include the church sanctuary, fellowship halls, parsonages, schools, day care centers, office facilities and any other kind of property owned by the church. There are specific requirements for this loan program in order to qualify. You should contact CLC directly to discuss your church’s needs and find out more about your available options.

Commercial Lending Corporation Can Help You Purchase the Business from Your Boss

Going into business yourself often presents itself in different ways throughout your career. For example, the current owner of the business, who is also your boss, can be retiring, and offers to sell his or her business directly to you. They might have a restaurant, motel, hotel or retail store operation that is rather successful in your community. Missing out on this opportunity could result in someone else purchasing the business, or the owner closing it down, which puts you out of a job. While you may not have a large sum of money sitting around to complete the sale, you do have options for securing a commercial real estate loan through Commercial Lending Corporation.



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