www.sbaclc.com has Commercial Programs for Small Business Owners

There are some small business commercial loan programs available through www.sbaclc.com. These programs are specifically designed for small business owners to fit with a variety of situations. For example, one loan available is a SBA 504 commercial loan. This loan is a fixed rate loan that features long term financing in order to purchase fixed assets like land, new facilities, existing buildings, machinery, equipment, and to make improvements to existing properties. Loans can range in amounts from $500,000 up to $10 million, with up to 90 percent LTV. These loans may be used gas stations, warehouses, children’s daycare, hotels, motels, condos, liquor stores, franchised restaurants, assisted living centers, and offices.

A second type of small business commercial loan program offered by http://www.sbaclc.com is an SBA 7(a) loan. This kind of loan program may be used to finance land and building purchases, as well as for renovations and new construction. You could also apply for this program to secure working capital for your business and buy new equipment, machinery, furniture and fixtures. Leasehold improvements and debt refinancing are additional items that might be able to be financed under this program. These are just two of the many commercial loan products you are able to find through Commercial Lending Corporation. With their wide network of financial partners and lenders, they are able to help you find the right commercial loan product for your business. Working with CLC is like speaking to hundreds of lenders, all at the same time, without having to submit an application at each one.



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