Learn about What Documents Are Needed for a Commercial Loan at www.sbaclc.com

Before you apply for a commercial real estate loan at www.sbalclc.com, you need to know what sort of documentation is required. For example, you should pull your credit reports and scores for your business. If your business is fairly new, you may want to pull your personal credit reports and scores, as some lenders use your personal information, along with your business information, in making a determination about your loan application. Many loan products will require you to submit copies of your credit reports and scores, along with your commercial loan application. Other types of documentation are also required, like profit statements, tax returns, and projected earnings. The kind of documents you must provide with your loan application does vary, based upon the commercial loan program and its qualifications. Commercial Lending Corporation has resources on their website that let you know the documents needed with your commercial loan application, or you can contact them directly for further assistance.

http://www.sbaclc.com Offers Investor and Owner-Occupied Commercial Loans

One type of commercial loan product available from http://www.sbaclc.com is for investor and owner-occupied properties. These kinds of loans are common in situations where the property is owned by another party and different parts of the building are being leased by another company. For example, you may be considering the purchase of a retail shopping center that has a current occupancy of 80 percent. This means 80 percent of the entire retail space has been leased out to other businesses and there is 20 percent of space still available to lease to new tenants. Because the building already has tenants, it might make it easier to secure financing, since there will be a steady flow of revenue coming in after you finalize the purchase of the property.



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