Commercial Lending Corporation Helps Any Type and Size of Business

Commercial Lending Corporation (CLC) is able to provide help securing commercial financing for any type of business. Whether you are a small “mom and pop” operation, or a large corporation, CLC has access to a wide network of private investors, conventional financing, and other programs aimed to aid you in obtaining a loan. Unlike applying for a commercial loan through a bank or credit union, which often have a limited amount of commercial programs, you have a better chance of being approved through CLC, because they have one of the highest closing ratios in the nation, compared to a single product lender. This is because CLC has the ability to size up your needs quickly and get your application in front of potential investors and lenders interested in underwriting a loan for your business.

Applying for a Loan through Commercial Lending Corporation Requires a Single Application

You may be wondering how many loan applications you have to complete when applying for a commercial real estate loan through Commercial Lending Corporation. In most situations, you only have to submit a single application, along with all of the required documentation and application fees. Once everything has been properly submitted, your application is presented to all possible investors and lenders that might be willing to underwrite your loan. As a result, it is possible to receive multiple offers from numerous sources, including private investors. Any time this occurs, your loan consultant takes the time to review each one with you and discusses the differences between the programs to help you determine the best loan for your business.



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