Commercial Lending Corporation Helps People Start Their Own Businesses

Commercial Lending Corporation has been helping people realize their dreams for since 1997, by helping them start their own businesses. For example, you have a new retail business idea which is not currently available in your local community. You feel strongly this type of business would be successful because of the demand for the products or services. However, you lack the necessary funding needed to purchase a piece of commercial real estate, buy equipment, and open your new business. But, with assistance from your own personal loan consultant at CLC, he or she is able to present your business idea to numerous sources after completing your loan application, including private investors. Even if you are unable to secure a conventional commercial loan, it does not mean that there are not private investors out there who are willing and able to provide you with a loan to get your business started.

Private loans are different from conventional commercial loans, and you need to understand how they differ. With a private placement program, you provide potential investors what is called an offering, in exchange for underwriting a commercial loan. The offering could be in the form of bonds or a percentage ownership in your business, or by supplying some sort of collateral, such as allowing them to place a lien against the property. Your loan consultant at Commercial Lending Corporation can help you decide what sort of offering would be best in order to attract the most private investors and secure the financing you need.



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