Financial Institutions Benefit from a Relationship with Commercial Lending Corporation

Banks and credit unions are able to expand the number of commercial loans they are able to approve, by using outside sources, like Commercial Lending Corporation (CLC). The financial institution is able to evaluate their customer’s loan application and decide whether they want to underwrite the loan or not. In situations where you feel the loan would be too much of risk for your institution, you are then able to refer it over to CLC. CLC is able to either work directly with your bank or credit union, or with your business customer, to help them secure the financing they require.

Commercial Lending Corporation offers access to a wide range of commercial lending programs from their extensive network of financial partners, including direct lenders, hedge funds, private placement programs, insurance companies, and more. Programs are available for all types of businesses, including gas stations, grocery stores, shopping centers, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, apartment complexes, and more. Because of these relationships, CLC is often able to find a loan program suitable for your business customer and to get their loan approved.

Your banking relationship with your customer remains strong, and you do not have to worry about them taking their financial needs elsewhere, because you had to deny their loan request. Further, with your new relationship with CLC, you can turn your bank into a commercial loan solution provider. CLC also offers the option of helping you increase your potential earnings, by supplying referral or mortgage broker relationships directly with your financial institution.



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