Commercial Lending Corporation Has New Construction Loan Programs Available

New construction projects require careful planning and organization to get them off the ground. First, you need to find an available piece of commercial real estate. In some municipalities, you may need to have the zoning changed in order to match your type of business. Once a suitable site has been found, your next step is to secure a commercial loan to purchase the land. Commercial Lending Corporation is available to provide assistance during this early stage in your construction project. They offer loan programs which give you the startup money needed to get your project moving.

After you have purchased your site, your next step in your project is to secure building permits, equipment, supplies and other necessary items to start construction. The costs of construction vary, based upon the type of materials being used, location of the building, and building regulations and codes. For example, in southern and coastal states prone to hurricanes and tropical storms, building codes must satisfy specific requirements to ensure the building is able to withstand these kinds of severe weather events.

Once you have determined the cost estimates for your building supplies and permits, and for hiring your construction company, you often need to secure additional financing. Commercial Lending Corporation is able to provide further assistance, and has construction loan programs available for meeting any financing needs you require. Just remember, there is a cap on the amount of money you may borrow, which is based upon the loan-to-value ratio (LTV), your credit score, and other such factors.



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