Commercial Lending Corporation Provides Assistance Securing Private Placement Loans

There are different ways in which you are able to raise capital for your business. Some companies decide to turn a private business into a public business by issuing stock. The initial stock offering results in other people purchasing an interest in the company. In return, the organization is able to raise the money they seek. The process required to be able to issue stock does take some time, because it requires following very detailed federal, state and SEC guidelines and rules.

Another option to raise capital for your business is to look into private placement program offerings through Commercial Lending Corporation. This type of commercial loan program is unique, as it allows private investors to provide you with the money you require. In return, you have to supply the investors something in exchange. You may decide to issue private stock as collateral to give the investors a temporary interest in your company. Once the loan is paid back, the investor releases their interest in your company. It should be noted with this opportunity, you retain complete private ownership of your company.

Most companies seeking a private placement loan will go through the process of creating a Regulation D Offering. The type of offering you decide to make available depends on the amount of capital you need to raise. It should be pointed out that there are rules which apply to private companies raising capital from individual investors. You need to make sure you follow these rules, as well as satisfy federal, state and SEC regulations. Commercial Lending Corporation is able to help you through the process of preparing your offering, as well as additional assistance in securing a private placement loan.



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