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Use Commercial Lending Corporation to Turn Your Bank into a Business Loan Solution Provider

During slow economic periods, your bank may have to tighten up the available funds you are willing to lend to your business customers.  As the bank or branch manager, your job is to ensure that you protect the bank’s assets and only approve to underwrite loans where there are minimal risks. You also have to take into account the number of years the business has been in operation, their relationship with your bank, as well as their credit history. It can be difficult telling a customer who has been with your bank a long time that you are unable to approve their loan. Denying applications could have a direct effect on those customers’ deposit accounts. They might become upset and decide to close out all of their accounts and take their banking needs elsewhere.

However, you have another option for those situations where you are unable to approve a commercial loan. Instead of denying the application, you should contact Commercial Lending Corporation (CLC). CLC has access to one of the largest pools of commercial funding available in the nation. So, even though you are unable to approve and underwrite the loan, it does not mean that CLC cannot. In fact, CLC is often able to find the right loan solution for your business customers, with some of the lowest rates, and to approve their application.

By working with Commercial Lending Corporation, you are able to turn your bank into a commercial loan solution provider. You always have the ability to approve the loan application yourself, or refer it over to CLC. This way, your bank is able to maintain your deposit customer base and strengthen these relationships. Further, CLC is able to work directly with your bank to help increase your potential revenues by offering referral or mortgage broker relationships.


Secure the Funding You Require with Programs Available through Commercial Lending Corporation

In some situations, when you require a commercial real estate loan, you may find it difficult to obtain the terms and conditions you require. The issue could easily be the result of the financial lender you applied through in order to secure your funds. Banks and credit unions have strict guidelines about the types of programs they make available for business operations. Further, many of their programs require you to provide a substantial down payment, as well as put up collateral to cover the loan in the event you were to default. In addition, the loan-to-value ratios might be limited, when the program does not come close to providing the necessary money you require.

Instead of finding yourself short, or not able to come up with the financing your need, you should consider the loan programs available through Commercial Lending Corporation (CLC). This Better Business Bureau A+ rated-company has helped numerous organizations of all sizes secure loans for a variety of reasons. For example, CLC has helped non-profit operations, including churches, be able to secure loans in order to build or purchase new facilities. In one case, they helped a church save money by providing a lending solution where their mortgage payment was much less than the amount they were paying previously to rent a facility.

Commercial Lending Corporation has access to one of the largest networks of financial partners, private lenders, banks, and others to help with your lending needs. Loans may be obtained for new construction, purchasing property, refinancing, rehabilitation, and other reasons for factories, manufacturing facilities, multifamily dwellings, small businesses, restaurants, day care centers, retail shopping centers, hotels, motels, casinos, and numerous business operations. CLC has helped obtain financing, even in cases where your bank or credit union previously denied your loan request.

Commercial Lending Corporation Has Commercial Real Estate Refinancing Programs

There are different purposes for refinancing an existing commercial real estate loan to benefit your business. One of the main reasons is to secure a lower interest rate with a new loan through Commercial Lending Corporation. Any time interest rates drop, you should seriously consider whether the lower rate would help to reduce your monthly payments, as well as the total amount paid back on the loan.

Refinancing does provide you with a few different options, as far as the length of the loan. Some companies decided to refinance for a longer term at the lower interest rate. What this does is reduce the monthly mortgage payment amount and leave more cash left over each month to be used for other business purposes, such as marketing, or research and design. Another option is to refinance and keep the remaining amount of time left as your current loan. Using this option, along with a lower interest rate, saves your company money because you end up paying less interest over the life of your loan.

Another reason for refinancing your current commercial loan with help from Commercial Lending Corporation is to draw out equity in your property to invest in your business. For instance, if you are developing a new product, you frequently need large cash reserves in order to provide the necessary funding for the entire project. Tapping into your available equity allows you direct access to the cash you require. Depending upon the lower rate of interest, your monthly payments could stay around the same amount as you are currently paying.

It Is Your Responsibility to Read Your Loan Proposal from Commercial Lending Corporation

Any time you are obtaining a commercial loan through Commercial Lending Corporation (CLC), it is worth your time to fully read through all of the paperwork to ensure you understand the terms and conditions of your loan. There are several things you need to verify and confirm before signing the papers. First, your loan should include a proposed payment schedule including both principal and interest amounts. This monthly amount is calculated by taking the loan principal and adding it to the total amount of interest paid back over the entire length of the loan. The amount of interest depends upon the rate you are able to secure. You have to consider whether the amount you are borrowing, plus the interest, is worthwhile for your business.

The next thing which should be present in your loan proposal from Commercial Lending Corporation is a breakdown of specific costs. These not only include the amount financed, and interest, but also closing costs, application fees, and appraisal fees. Some programs do allow you to include some of these related expenses into your financing instead of having to pay for them directly out of pocket. However, just remember, by adding additional amounts to your original principal, your monthly payments will increase. In the event you are unsure, unclear, or have questions about specific details in your loan proposal, never hesitate to ask questions. Your CLC loan consultant is there to help you through the entire process. He or she is able to answer your questions and concerns, as well as to explain what each item in your proposal means.

Commercial Lending Corporation Can Help Even During Times of Financial Distress

During financially distressful situations, where you feel like there is no way out, you have to take a moment and step back to see the bigger picture. Frequently, the reason you are unable to see other viable options and solutions is because you are overly stressed and worried about your business. This is understandable, as many business owners have invested a large amount of time and money in order to build and establish their operations. However, by taking a deep breath, clearing your head, and looking for alternatives, you are often able to come up with a plan to resolve your problems.

For example, if you owe back taxes on your property, securing a cash-out refinance from your bank or may not be possible. Often, these lenders are hesitant to underwrite a loan, due to the tax obligation. However, this is not an issue when you deal with Commercial Lending Corporation (CLC). Due to their relationships, background, and years of experience, CLC has programs available to meet your needs, such as securing financing with a private investor. In fact, CLC recently helped a borrower secure a cash-out refinancing loan on a retail shopping center for $750,000 in order to payoff back taxes and other financial obligations.

Commercial Lending Corporation provides a comprehensive range of financial lending services and products for just about any possible situation. Discussing your financial needs with one of CLC’s experienced loan consultants is similar to talking to hundreds of lenders all at the same time. Because your loan consultant is able to quickly assess your requirements, they are able to ensure your loan application is presented to as many interested lenders as possible, in order to get you the most offers.

Regardless of Your Market Position, You Can Secure Financing through Commercial Lending Corporation

Whenever you are contemplating opening your own business, you need to figure out your place in the market for your particular industry. There are four different strategies that organizations take to establish their presence. You could decide to be a market leader, challenger, or follower, or carve out your own niche segment.

  • Market leaders have to stay current on technology and invest heavily in research, development, and new product design. Taking this approach is often expensive, and requires large amounts of money to maintain current customer bases, attract new customers from competitors, and expand the market. Frequently, companies taking this approach rely on different types of commercial loan programs available through Commercial Lending Corporation. 
  • Market challengers also require substantial funding because they are attempting to take customers and market shares away from the leaders. They can choose to go head-to-head with their competitors, or take an indirect approach, such as investing heavily in new product design and developing a new product well ahead of the market leader. Challengers also secure financing through Commercial Lending Corporation to ensure they have the required money needed for going up against their main competitors. 
  • The follower strategy is used by those businesses that sit back and let the leaders and challengers go at it. Basically, their products and technology are a little behind the others in their area, but are often offered at discounted rates because they have perfected the ability to mass produce these products. 
  • The fourth strategy is where a business finds its own niche within the market, and establishes its presence with a unique product, service, or price.

Operating businesses using any of these four strategies requires commercial loans, though the programs and amounts you seek could be slightly different.

Commercial Lending Corporation Can Help You with Funding to Grow and Expand Your Operations

Commercial Lending Corporation Can Help You with Funding to Grow and Expand Your Operations

Growing your business and expanding your operations is an important process which takes the right type of funding. Some companies wait until they have the necessary capital to complete the project, by setting aside a portion of their profits each quarter. However, taking this approach can put your business way behind your competition, and could even put you out of business, because you fall too far behind. Most businesses do not take this approach, and, instead, look for financing opportunities through Commercial Lending Corporation.

When it comes to operating a business, the old saying, “you have to spend money to make money” is true. You have to find the way to finance different projects, buy properties and inventories, and invest in other aspects of your operation. If you are just starting out, you are not going to have funding needed to address all of these areas of your company. This is where Commercial Lending Corporation is able to help, because they have access to one of the largest networks of lenders in the nation. By working directly with them, they are able to help you find and secure the funding you require.

One program available to all types of businesses, regardless of industry, is the private placement loan. These loans are underwritten by private investors who want to invest in your project and company. In return for their help, you provide them with collateral in the form of a private stock interest in your company. But, unlike public stock, your operation remains a completely private operation. Once you pay back your investors, they release their interest in the collateral.