Secure a Small Business Loan for Your Franchise from Commercial Lending Corporation

Secure a Small Business Loan for Your Franchise from Commercial Lending Corporation

Starting a franchise for your new business gives you advantages over starting a business from the ground up. The only similarity between both is frequently requiring small business loans to fund the venture with help from Commercial Lending Corporation. Franchises give you the expertise and experience of the parent company, which is called the franchisor. Next, you do not have to worry about preparing a business plan and model, as this has been already completed for you. Finally, you are able to receive support and training from your franchisor to help develop your business skills and build a customer base for your new operation.

In order to start the franchise process, you will need to complete a contract with the franchisor, as well as a letter of intent to get the process started. Further, the franchisor often requires a down payment based on a percentage of the total cost of your franchise location. You are also going to need additional money in order to purchase the commercial real estate needed to construct your building, pay for equipment, and purchase your initial inventories.

Securing the necessary funds to finance your franchise business is possible with help from Commercial Lending Corporation (CLC). This A+ Business Bureau-rated lending broker has helped other people obtain loans needed to pay for their franchises. Working directly with CLC would be similar to presenting your project to hundreds of lenders, all at the same time. Due to their extensive network of financial partners, they are able to quickly size up your needs and get your application in front of as many interested lenders as possible.



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