Commercial Lending Corporation Can Help You Obtain a Private Placement Program Loan

You have different options, when it comes to securing funds for a commercial loan with the help of Commercial Lending Corporation. In addition to conventional loan programs, you might want to consider a private placement program (PPP). A PPP provides you with the ability to raise capital for a variety of projects, commercial real estate purchases, and other business loans through private investors.

There are differences to PPPs and conventional loan programs. Conventional programs frequently require supplying some form of collateral, like a piece of property. While your loan is in effect, the lender places a lien against the property. Once you satisfy your loan obligation, the lender releases their lien from the property. With a PPP, you also have to provide collateral, but because there can be numerous private investors interested in supplying funding, they instead prefer some sort of offering. An offering is similar to providing shares of stock in your business operation. However, instead of being publically traded and owned publically, your business remains private. The investors retain their privately held shares until you satisfy your loan commitment. Once this has been fulfilled, all stock in the offering is returned to you.

Completing the paperwork, application, and documentation for a PPP can be complicated if you attempt to do it on your own. However, you are able to get all the assistance you need when you work directly with Commercial Lending Corporation. They are able to make sure your private placement memorandum is correctly underwritten and completed for presentation to their accredited private investors. If they like your deal, they issue a check for the amount they are willing to invest.



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