Get Help Finding Private Investors from Commercial Lending Corporation

Private placement programs available through Commercial Lending Corporation are a viable alternative to raising the capital you need to fund your project to a conventional commercial loan. Because the funds are coming from private investors, it is possible you could end up with a lower interest rate and more favorable terms that fit with your organization’s needs. There are a few things you have to do first, though, before you can submit an application for a private placement loan.

The first step to securing funds from individual investors is to create a Regulation D offering. Your offering is providing potential investors with something in return for borrowing you money. Frequently, the easiest thing to do is provide private stock in your company as collateral. This process is not too difficult to complete, and help is available directly from Commercial Lending Corporation. Their legal department is able to review your offering to ensure it satisfies both federal and state regulations and requirements. It is easier to obtain the necessary funds for your project by attracting as many potential investors as possible. Rather than target one or two wealthy individuals, your time is better spent attracting numerous smaller investors.

There really is no set industry which fairs better when using private placement programs. Businesses in technology, bio-tech, manufacturing, real estate, consumer services, retail and others have all been able to obtain funding by attracting the necessary lenders. In 2012, there were over $1.3 trillion dollars raised for private placement loan programs. Since 2009, over 37,000 offerings have been successfully executed to help organizations secure the funding they needed for their projects.



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