Secure the Funding You Require with Programs Available through Commercial Lending Corporation

In some situations, when you require a commercial real estate loan, you may find it difficult to obtain the terms and conditions you require. The issue could easily be the result of the financial lender you applied through in order to secure your funds. Banks and credit unions have strict guidelines about the types of programs they make available for business operations. Further, many of their programs require you to provide a substantial down payment, as well as put up collateral to cover the loan in the event you were to default. In addition, the loan-to-value ratios might be limited, when the program does not come close to providing the necessary money you require.

Instead of finding yourself short, or not able to come up with the financing your need, you should consider the loan programs available through Commercial Lending Corporation (CLC). This Better Business Bureau A+ rated-company has helped numerous organizations of all sizes secure loans for a variety of reasons. For example, CLC has helped non-profit operations, including churches, be able to secure loans in order to build or purchase new facilities. In one case, they helped a church save money by providing a lending solution where their mortgage payment was much less than the amount they were paying previously to rent a facility.

Commercial Lending Corporation has access to one of the largest networks of financial partners, private lenders, banks, and others to help with your lending needs. Loans may be obtained for new construction, purchasing property, refinancing, rehabilitation, and other reasons for factories, manufacturing facilities, multifamily dwellings, small businesses, restaurants, day care centers, retail shopping centers, hotels, motels, casinos, and numerous business operations. CLC has helped obtain financing, even in cases where your bank or credit union previously denied your loan request.



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