Commercial Lending Corporation Has Solutions for Any Type of Business Operation

Commercial real estate projects come in all different sizes, based upon the requirements. You could be starting a brand new business and need to purchase a location and buy equipment, supplies, and inventories. You might already be in business and looking for a solution to expand your operations by opening a new location or adding onto your existing facilities. For these examples, you are able to obtain the financial help by contacting Commercial Lending Corporation (CLC). 

CLC has a wide network of financial partners, lenders, private investors, and others willing to provide the funding needed to underwrite your loan. Commercial Lending Corporation has been a nationwide wholesale lender since 1997 and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. CLC is committed to providing the most varied expertise in commercial real estate and related programs to help businesses in any type of financial situation. Their underwriters have combined talent and the experience of over 100 years, with access to one of the largest pools of commercial funds in the country. 

CLC has commercial programs available for new purchases, rehabilitation, new construction, refinancing, small business loans, FHA-HUD and FNMA programs, and more. They have helped all sizes of business operations, including apartment complexes, retail stores, restaurants, retirement communities, nonprofit organizations, hotels, motels, casinos, schools, and manufacturing. Programs available include non-recourse, recourse, small portfolio, small stated portfolio, SBA 504, SBA 7(A), hedge fund, and small bridge loans. In addition to the wide range of conventional programs, CLC offers solutions through private placement programs for those organizations desiring lending through private investors.



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