Consider a PPP through Commercial Lending Corporation when You Need Large Amounts of Capital

Deciding whether a private placement program (PPP) through Commercial Lending Corporation is right for your company depends upon the amount of capital you require. For instance, if you require less than $1 million, a PPP may not be the best solution, because the process to obtain a PPP is time-consuming and requires several preparatory steps before you are able to accept funds. However, if your project requires large amounts of capital, ranging from $1 million to $50 million, you may be the perfect candidate for a PPP.

A private placement program loan is able to be used for a variety of reasons by a wide range of business operations. You are able to use the money to start a new business, such as opening a restaurant, retail shopping center, or coffee shop. In addition, a PPP can be used to purchase office buildings, fund new construction projects, and more. It is important to point out the SEC, as well as Federal and State regulatory agencies, do have rules that apply to companies raising money through private investors. If you do not follow the correct procedures, and sell securities improperly to investors, or fail to make the correct filings, you could potentially face a rescission issue with your investors.

Preparing your offering and filing the proper paperwork, documentation, and other forms is not something you have to do on your own. Commercial Lending Corporation has experienced underwriters and a legal department able to provide you the necessary assistance and guidance to complete these processes. Prior to underwriting your file and making it ready to present to private lenders, their legal department fully reviews it, in detail, to ensure everything is completed correctly.



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