Commercial Lending Corporation Can Help with Your Short Term and Long Term Financing Needs

Some types of commercial loans have varied repayment periods, with a balloon payment at the end of the loan. It is important you understand how this particular program works, to help avoid getting yourself in over your head financially. With a fixed-rate balloon program, you are given a set period of time to make monthly payments. At the end of this period, you are required to make one final lump sum payment to the lender. Balloon programs range from 5 years, to 15 years fixed periods.

You may be wondering why a business would even consider a fixed rate balloon program from Commercial Lending Corporation. Most businesses have both short term and long term financing needs. Short term solutions using a balloon program allow them the ability to secure the funds they need. For example, if they need to inject money into new product development, having 15 years of fixed payments gives them plenty of time to design and release the product. Over the course of this time, they are often able to earn enough in profits from the sale of the item to pay off the balloon payment at the end of the loan.

In addition to balloon programs, there are also other forms of commercial financing available from Commercial Lending Corporation (CLC) to fit your unique needs and requirements. Speaking to one of their experienced underwriters gives you access to knowledge of every available money source in the country. CLC has the ability to quickly size up your project and determine which programs would best work to satisfy your objectives.



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