Find the Right Loan Program for Your Business at Commercial Lending Corporation

You are able to gain access to a wide range of commercial lending solutions and programs when you work directly with Commercial Lending Corporation. This nationwide wholesale lender supplies their customers with the types of solutions designed to fit their business needs and requirements. Unlike your bank or credit union, which is frequently a single product lender, CLC not only has access to the same conventional programs you find there, but also private placement programs, equity partners, insurance companies, and others willing to underwrite commercial loans. Because of their wide network of lenders, they have one of the highest loan closing ratios and some of the lowest rates. 

Prior to applying for a loan through Commercial Lending Corporation, it is best to speak directly with one of their experienced loan underwriting consultants. By discussing your project and financial needs, your consultant is able to quickly size up your situation and determine which programs would work best. From there, he or she is able to guide you through the application process and ensure you fill out the correct forms, provide the required documentation, and other such items. After your loan application is completed, they make sure to present your project to as many interested lenders as possible. As a result, it is possible to receive multiple offers from different lending sources. Whenever this occurs, your underwriting consultant will help you review the terms and conditions of each loan proposal, point out variations between programs, and help you choose the one with the best features.



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