Commercial Lending Corporation Has Solutions for Any Size Business

Commercial Lending Corporation has access to a wide range of financial solutions to fit with just about any type of business need or requirement. They have helped new startups, small and medium size companies, and large corporations obtain financing, even when their own banks turned them down. You, too, can find the help you need for securing funds for your project. You might be purchasing an existing location to open your business, or could need to build one from the ground up. This is just one kind of lending solution you are able to find.

In addition to helping you secure a construction loan or buy a commercial property, Commercial Lending Corporation (CLC) has access to rehabilitation programs, refinancing programs, private placement programs, and more.  With a combined underwriting talent of over 100 years, and access to the largest pool of direct lenders, hedge funds, portfolios, institutions, CMBS, REITS, hedge funds, specialty funds, construction, bridge, mezzanine, and equity partners in the country, CLC is able to provide you with some of the lowest rates and highest closing ratios, compared to other single product lenders. Because of this extensive network of resources, CLC has been able to find solutions for churches, restaurants, gas stations, construction companies, apartment communities, retirement and assisted living centers, hotels, motels, casinos, industrial, retail, manufacturing, and numerous other types of business operations. No project is too big or too small for CLC to review and evaluate your needs, in order to help you find the best loan program for your business.



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