Commercial Lending Corporation Can Help You Make Sense of Commercial Loan Programs

Making sense of the wide variety of commercial loan programs available on the market today can seem overwhelming. Not only are conventional programs available, but a wide range of small business programs, private placement programs, bridge loans, FHA-HUD and FNMA programs, equity loans, and more exist to muddy the waters. Determining the best programs to fit your projects is important. Often there are slight variations, from one program to the next. Fully understanding what these are could be the difference of paying a smaller down payment, securing a lower interest rate, and requiring less money at closing.

Luckily, you are able to obtain help directly from Commercial Lending Corporation (CLC) for your commercial lending needs. CLC has access to one of the largest pools of commercial money available in the nation. Further, their experienced underwriters and loan consultants know exactly what sources are currently available for any type of commercial program. Additionally, discussing your financing needs with one of CLC’s loan consultants or underwriters allows them to quickly size up your needs and recommend the programs that benefit your business the most.

Talking to Commercial Lending Corporation about your financing needs is like speaking to hundreds of lenders at once. With underwriters who have an average of 30 plus years of experience, as well as being a past net branch of a federal savings bank, CLC has been known to succeed where others have been unable to provide the necessary financing. In fact, CLC has one of the highest loan closing ratios, compared to single product lenders, and the lowest rates possible.



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