Get Experienced Help from Commercial Lending Corporation for a Private Placement Program

Get Experienced Help from Commercial Lending Corporation for a Private Placement Program

Any time you need to fund the development of a new product, you have different options for raising the required capital. Some organizations use conventional loan programs to procure the funding. Other organizations look for private investors, rather than taking on additional loans. Securing funds from private sources is a major undertaking that often requires the help of an experienced firm, like Commercial Lending Corporation.

Most companies have to rely on pooling money from multiple sources, rather than one large investor. In order to accomplish this, you require putting together a Private Placement Offering and filing the appropriate paperwork with the SEC and other government agencies. How quickly you are able to complete your filing, issue your Regulation D Offering, and solicit investors depends upon whether you are attempting this on your own, or getting assistance from Commercial Lending Corporation (CLC).

Using CLC to put together your private placement program (PPP) has its benefits. You get direct access to CLC’s underwriting team of experts, as well as their legal department. Further, CLC already has access to private investors who are willing to supply funding for a variety of projects, including new product development. CLC has hundreds of Proprietary Accredited Investors looking for good investments. In addition, the typical amount of time needed to close your PPP and raise the required capital using CLC ranges from 45 to 90 days. It should be pointed out that certain items are unable to be included in your PPP, such as appraisals, inspections, and insurance reviews. These items have to be paid for out of pocket in order to complete the underwriting of your PPP.


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