Commercial Lending Corporation Has Access to PPP and Conventional Programs

Commercial Lending Corporation Has Access to PPP and Conventional Programs

You can find both conventional and private placement programs (PPP) available from Commercial Lending Corporation (CLC). These programs are able to be used for new purchases, new construction, refinancing, rehabilitation, lease purchases, and other commercial ventures. Because CLC has access to one of the largest pools of financing resources for commercial loans in the nation, you are not limited to only a few commercial programs. Instead, you have many more options in order to select the best program to fit with your business needs and requirements.

When you first contact Commercial Lending Corporation, you talk to one of their experienced loan consultants who have knowledge of all of the current programs and sources. Discussing your project with them is similar to presenting it to hundreds of lenders all at the same time. Your consultant is able to quickly verify your lending needs and recommend the solutions and programs that would be the most beneficial. Further, instead of having to fill out hundreds of loan applications and apply to each lender on your own, you only have to complete and submit a single application to CLC.

Once your application has been submitted, your loan consultant presents it to as many interested lenders, private investors, banks, and other financial partners and institutions as possible. Often you end up receiving more than one loan proposal from different parties. Whenever this occurs, your consultant will review each loan, go over the features and options, and help you select the one with the most favorable terms and conditions.


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