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Obtain the Financing Required Directly from Commercial Lending Corporation

The number of applications you submit for commercial loans can have a direct impact on your business’s credit score. The more inquiries made against your credit file, the more it raises questions from potential lenders about whether you were ever before approved credit. As a result, your score starts to decline, due to excessive inquiries. Further, it becomes even more difficult to obtain a commercial loan from a single source lender. Because you submitted numerous applications to multiple lenders, your credit score declined, and each of your applications ended up being denied. However, do not stress, as there is still another lender you should consider to help you obtain financing for your business.

Commercial Lending Corporation (CLC) has access to the largest number of financial partners, institutions, programs, and private sources of money for commercial loans in the nation. This lender has some of the lowest rates possible, with one of the highest closing ratios, compared to single source lenders. Further, by contacting CLC and discussing your financial needs, it is like presenting your project to hundreds of lenders at the same time. Because of CLC’s extensive relationships, they are able to help place your needs with an interested lender.

Commercial Lending Corporation has helped companies secure financing when they were previously denied by their own bank or credit union. For example, one recently closed loan was for a retail shopping center looking to refinance in order to satisfy past due obligations and payoff taxes. Other lenders denied the loan, because of past due taxes. However, CLC was able to find an interested private investor and help this customer complete the refinance of their shopping center.


Any Size Business Can Apply for a PPP from Commercial Lending Corporation

A private placement program (PPP) is a special type of financing program offered by Commercial Lending Corporation and made available to businesses of all sizes. You do not have to be a large multi-national firm to apply for a PPP. Both small mom and pop operations and medium companies are also able to apply for a PPP. This kind of commercial loan is designed to help a business operation raise capital and cash through private sources by soliciting interested investors.

Some people get a PPP confused with selling stock on the open markets. While you do have to put together and prepare a Regulation D Offering and submit the appropriate paperwork to the SEC and other government agencies, you are not selling stock on the open market. Rather, you are providing a percentage interest in your company as collateral in return for the amount of money the private investors want to lend you. Your company remains private. You retain full ownership of the operation and continue to run it as you have, without any input or interference from your investors.

There can be different ways to satisfy the terms and conditions of a PPP obtained through Commercial Lending Corporation (CLC). Some of your investors may want you to make regular monthly payments until they are fully paid back. Others might prefer one large, lump sum payment, along with interest at the end of a specific period of time. CLC will let you know exactly what type of repayment your investors require, so that you do not default on your obligations.